you all are welcome to the paradise on earth.All of these photos are free ware and every one can share it with any one and can enjoy the beauty of these places.

    And yes if you wanna see the pictures in the large forms then click on any photo it will be enlarged.

This is the main Jamie Masjid  of Shaikhdara in making of it many efforts were done but Haji Syed Azam(late) with his fellows did a great job for it.

Masjid Shaikhdara

This is inside view  of Masjid Shaikhdara.Only on tiles of Mehraab this Masjid got 50 thousand rupees.

Masjid Shaikhdara

This is also inside view but here you can see clear every thing.


This Masjid was founded very early but its building was made up of clay and wood,then the new generation came and they make the Masjid  a great building among  the buildings of all Dubair Bala. In this work Muhammad Kaleem,Syed Aleem, Syed Raheem,Shahabuddin and all the other persons.

Shaikhdara from Maskhoi

This is the image of Shaikhdara from a high place which is known as Maskhoi(Mas=Soil,Khoi=head).


Shaikhdara from Dabro belle

This photo is taken from the last point of Dabru in large figure Shaikhdara will be very clear.

Shaikhdara from Daab

This photo is taken from extremely high altitude place named as Daab.You can see that Dubair is a great village and how beautiful it is.

Shaikhdara from Daab

This photo is also from Daab but outer region of Daab actually it is a different angle of shooting photo.

A typical house of Shaikhdara

A typical house of Shaikhdara.The people of Shaikhdara lives in these home although they are not so beautiful but they are homes not houses so people live here with great happiness.

A beautiful photo from Shaikhdara

A great photo taken in February month from Shaikhdara.

This is the photo of the bridge by which every man used to go to Shaikhdara,Bhoin,Takki e.t.c  Nowadays it is replaced by a newer one because during 2010 heavy rains  it was flooded and destroyed. 


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